Discover the Adventure-Ready Coleman Rubicon 1708BH

May 20,2024

Imagine hitting the road where the asphalt stretches endlessly; the scenery changes with every mile, and your home is wherever you park it. That dream is a vivid reality with the 2022 Coleman Rubicon 1708BH, a pre-owned gem awaiting its next adventure. This isn’t just any travel trailer; it’s your ticket to an unparalleled escapade.

The Coleman Rubicon 1708BH is more than a travel companion; it’s an innovatively designed, lightweight marvel engineered to be towed by most vehicles, ensuring that your wanderlust is never hindered by the question of “Can my car handle it?” 

From its aluminum framing that promises durability without the heft to the folding grab handle at the entryway, ensuring safety and ease of access, every feature is thoughtfully added with your lifestyle in mind.

But that’s just the beginning. Imagine unwinding under the power awning as LED lights create the perfect ambiance for an evening outdoors. Step into a world where luxury and convenience meet, thanks to LED-backlit glass accented cabinet doors, seamless countertops, and a stainless steel farm-style sink that adds a touch of elegance to your mobile abode.

Ready to make every trip an unforgettable experience? Head over to Kelowna RVs and see why the 2022 Coleman Rubicon 1708BH is ideal for adventurers who refuse to compromise on freedom, comfort, and style.