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I wish I had found this dealer before I bought my trailer. Regardless, I have had excellent service from this shop. So many dealer service shops will deal first (or only) with owners who purchased at that dealership. They took me in anyway and if I always have a choice, I will always come to Kelowna RV for service. I have been impressed by the Service Manager - easy to talk with, easy to understand, always reachable - and by the Techs - each has a different style but all are dedicated, thoughtful, and thorough. The yard crew are all polite and helpful. I am never close by when my trailer needs service. I have e-mailed and phoned for help. In every case but one I towed the trailer to the shop. But in all cases, they walked me through some troubleshooting first. When a friend wanted to buy a trailer I took her here. She was happy that day with the experience and she is still happy today with the trailer.

Stuart Syme

It was a Saturday morning and my wife and I were heading down to Vancouver with our fifth wheel from Vernon. Somehow the electrical cable that connects the fifth wheel to the truck managed to slide down and make contact with the road surface. The cable was badly frayed as a result and the brake lights on the RV would not work. We discovered the problem when we made a stop in Kelowna. We pulled into Kelowna RV and spoke to Doug, the parts Manager. It was a busy Saturday morning and he was swamped with business, but he pulled his tech off another job and repaired the damaged cable at minimal cost, and quickly got us on our way. We really appreciated his willingness to help us as we were really stuck not knowing how much damage had been done to the electrical system, and whether we could safely continue on our travel. Thanks very much for the quick work, and the vey fair price. Gary Butt

Gary Butt -On the Road Again!

I want to thank all of the crew at Kelowna RV for a fabulous experience. My wife and I have been RV-ers for a long time and know that Randy and Rod and their staff know their stuff. Traci and I are so impressed at the knowledge, professional attitude and insistence at providing a superior product at a fair price. I am amazed at how up front and honest the sales staff are. For anyone looking for a superior experience, try this one on for size. I inquired to Rod about a motor home add. He answered all my questions with a thorough knowledge that really impressed me, and he was nice too! I wanted to think about it. Within a couple of days, Rod called me and explained there had been a ton of interest in the 'fresh' add. He thought I would want to know. Still no pressure. As we talked, he threw up an idea. As it would be a few weeks before I could get to Kelowna, why not think about a small deposit that would hold the unique, in demand rig, until we could get there to test drive it. Why not?!! 4 weeks later we flew in, Leo, (the Lot Manager) picked us up and drove us to the dealership. Chad, the two Randys, and Larry treated us like royalty. I ran the rig through all its paces, twice. We test drove it, loved it. I was shocked at how much better it presented than I had been expecting. No doubt. We bought it. They offered to store it until we could get back. For free! Simply put. These guys are Pros, through and through. I'm sure there are people that can never be satisfied no how no way. If there is a bad review anywhere out there about Kelowna RV, its probably written by their competition!! Do yourself a favor. call them...I dare you to be disappointed.

H.M. Kiddle

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